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A brand-new single from L.Dre out now


Clair de lune is such an iconic piece. The beautiful piano sample immediately resonated with me and I knew it would mesh well with my sound and the way I make music.”


Listen to “Under the Moon” here


11 NOVEMBER 2022 (TORONTO, ON) – Discover the relaxing ambience of LoFi beats as you listen to “Under the Moon”, L.Dre’s chilled remix of Debussy’s Clair de lune – out now on Deutsche Grammophon/Universal Music Canada.


A new music genre has emerged in the last few years, mainly thanks to streaming playlists: LoFi beats are chilled instrumental hip-hop tracks whose hazy, hissing aesthetic makes them sound as if they’ve been lifted from well-worn cassette tapes. LA-based producer L.Dre, a true master of LoFi music, here creates a new but timeless sound by blending his inimitable style with a classical recording from the DG archives.


As a digital native, L.Dre has used social media to build his own brand right from the start. Through Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, he regularly shares music software tips and hacks with his followers, as well as giving them behind-the-scenes glimpses into the day-to-day life and working routines of a music producer. This educational side of his content makes L.Dre stand out from a crowd of faceless LoFi producers. His strong work ethic, combined with his laidback, approachable personality, has earned him an ever-growing following on all channels: over 800k monthly listeners on Spotify; over 677k followers on TikTok; and over 346k followers and 33.5k daily views on YouTube.