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Vibrant, dream-like music video for lead single “irreplaceable”

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13 MAY 2022 (TORONTO, ON) – Today, renowned pianist Chad Lawson asks us to pause and appreciate what makes us smile with his brand new solo piano EP, irreplaceable. Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the lush four-track collection evokes a hopeful melancholy as cascading melodies brush across the canvas of emotions. "I wanted to create something that would inspire people to think about what is most important in their lives,'' says Lawson. "No matter how difficult our lives may be, there is always something that brings us happiness. This might be a person, an experience, or a place that makes us feel good and gives us hope.” A self-described “​​extreme empath by nature,” he hopes irreplaceable will help others find peace through their own irreplaceables in life: that person that will always hold a place in your heart, that favorite spot to sit and pass the time, or that most cherished memory that always brings a smile.


While revealing the graceful fluidity of his artistry, he creates a safe space for listeners to insert their own memories and experiences. Every note embodies an understated elegance that allows a tremendous depth of feeling to shine through. With its release during Mental Health Awareness Month, irreplaceable solidifies Lawson’s role as an essential voice exploring the intersection of music and wellness.


“To me ‘irreplaceable’ is about recognizing the impact that a certain person has had on your life, and embracing the fact that no one else will ever be able to take their place,” says Lawson. “So if you’re heartbroken or grieving over someone, it’s a beautiful testament to how much you loved them. I think it’s our role to take that feeling and turn it around, and give that same love to the other people in our lives.”


Listen to irreplaceable HERE


Watch the dreamy, atmospheric official music video for title track “irreplaceable” HERE



Before his solo debut, Lawson developed a thriving career as a touring jazz pianist but found himself feeling disconnected from the music. An illness caused him to take stock, and explore new musical territory, as he composed his first solo piano album in 2009, Set On A Hill. Ultimately he found the solo piano gave him comfort and a sense of healing that other music he played did not.


“I started hearing from listeners who’d say things like ‘I just lost a loved one and felt like you were holding my hand through the most difficult time in my life,’” says Lawson. “That’s when things started making sense for me, in terms of making emotion the core of everything I do.” Since then, Lawson has established himself as a musical mindfulness advocate that continues modernizing the solo piano for the streaming age. His critically-acclaimed 2020 Decca debut You Finally Knew (whose standout track “Stay” held steady in the top 25 on the Billboard Classical chart for 80 consecutive weeks) earned over 200 million global streams. That same year, Lawson launched the iHeartRadio Award-nominated podcast Calm It Down, which seeks to help listeners recharge and recenter through the power of music. After years of studying the neurological effects of calming music, box breathing, and transcendental meditation, Lawson is forging a powerful new pathway for healing with the piano as his music transcends both genre and time.