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“Lindsay Munroe’s new album Frogs and Birds is straight-up great.”



Raffi’s comforting harmonies enrich this buoyant album for the whole family,
now available for pre-order, with two tracks available as singles



30 JULY 2021 (TORONTO, ON) - Today, Troubadour Music/Universal Music Canada, the country's leading music company released the second single from the award-winning Lindsay Munroe’s upcoming family album, Frogs and Birds. Lindsay is joined on many of the songs by Raffi, who also produced the record.


The single, “You Are My Sunshine,” is a timeless favourite, first popularized by the legendary country music singer and two-time governor of the state of Louisiana, Jimmie Davis. This duet rendition by Lindsay Munroe and Raffi tops the chart for its sweet and musical delivery, imbued with the duo’s heartwarming harmonies and Raffi’s tasteful ukulele playing.


Listen or Purchase "You Are My Sunshine HERE 


By contrast, the title track from Frogs and Birds, which was recently released as the album’s first single, is an original song by Lindsay Munroe, sung as a duet by Lindsay and her daughter Mem. “Frogs and Birds” is a tender, lilting tune about considering other people. Mother and daughter first alternate verses and then join for a collective chorus, with Raffi joining in. A “Frogs and Birds” music video premiered on July 16.


Watch "Frogs and Birds" HERE


Frogs and Birds is available now for pre-order on CD and digital and will release to all streaming services on August 27th, 2021. Click HERE to pre-order the album.


A mother of three children with autism, Lindsay Munroe is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion. Her warmth and deep sensitivity to children with special needs inform the songs on Frogs and Birds, which she created for all children, but especially for those who are neurodiverse, as well as for their families and teachers who embrace inclusion in the classroom.


Emanating encouragement, understanding, and authentic respect for children of all abilities, the 14 tunes on Frogs and Birds shine with gentle sincerity, as Lindsay and Raffi’s voices weave a texture that flows effortlessly from melody to harmony throughout.


Building on the success of 2020’s NAPPA Award-winning I Am Kind, Frogs and Birds is filled with more positive, hopeful, original songs, including two – “I See You” and “Where There Is Love” – that were written specifically for this album by Raffi, along with such enduring, classic favorites as “You Are My Sunshine,” “If I Knew You Were Coming” and “Happy Trails.”


“I’m delighted to be joined by Raffi on this beloved, classic song that so many kids and families know and love,” says Lindsay Munroe. “This song is dear to my heart as I used to sing it to my kids all the time when they were little. I hope it brings joy to you and your sunshine.”


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