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03 JUNE 2022 (TORONTO, ON) – Today, Reneé Rapp makes her recording artist debut with the release of emotional ballad “Tattoos”. After months of teasing online, the highly anticipated record is finally available to stream in full, marking the emergence of pop’s next powerhouse. On the track, Rapp displays incredible raw talent with a stunning vocal showcase and intimate, gut-wrenching lyrics. Most recently known for her role starring as 'Leighton' in the 10-episode HBO Max series The Sex Lives of College Girls, this release is the first look into what’s to come for the up-and-comer’s most personal and authentic venture; music. The track arrives alongside a dark and expressive official music video which brings to life the specific and emotional heartbreak felt within “Tattoos”.






“Tattoos” is a stripped-back piano ballad that finds Rapp detailing the emotional rollercoaster of new love as she opens up about her hopes and fears for the future. The result is a truly universal love song that deftly captures the simultaneous exhilaration and dread of giving your heart away to someone new. “If I’m being honest, when you look at me, it’s like kissing a million angels,” she sings. “And every tattoo is so intoxicating, from your neck right down to your ankles.” Rapp digs deeper as the sensitive instrumental swells around her. She reveals hidden insecurities, offering up an intense vulnerability. “15 and 16, I had to be strong, 22 I'm still scared of it all,” she admits. 'Cause I know one day I could wake up and you'll be gone.”


Across her artistry, Reneé has made a name for herself for the way she can captivate an audience with her refreshingly honest and genuine energy. Outside of music, she can be seen starring as ‘Leighton’ in the HBO Max series from Mindy Kaling entitled “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” On behalf of her performance in the acclaimed show’s season one finale, TV Line said, "Rapp’s ability to go from comedic tour de force to heart-wrenching tears in a single episode was truly impressive". She showcases that same range in “Tattoos” as she paints a picture of heartbreak not only with the lyrics but in the emotions felt behind her powerful delivery. The intimate and earnest debut as a recording artist sets the stage for a breakthrough 2022 as she works towards more music and a full-length project due out soon.



Reneé Rapp knew she was born to perform ever since she was a child. Even in her earliest memories, her love of music was always present. “I couldn't sit still in the car unless there was music,” she says. “Otherwise, I would cry the entire time.” The North Carolina native began harnessing her natural creativity by writing and recording songs when she was just a teenager. Eventually, her career took off when she landed the coveted role of Regina George in the Tony-nominated Mean Girls musical on Broadway. Shortly after, she found widespread recognition and praise—from the likes of W, Harper’s Bazaar, and The Hollywood Reporter for her performance as 'Leighton' on the HBO Max series The Sex Lives of College Girls written by Mindy Kaling. Now, more empowered than ever, Rapp turns her attention back to music, where sharing threadbare insecurities on “Tattoos” is just the beginning. “I was called ‘crazy’ a lot growing up because I didn’t know what was going on with me,” she says. “As I got older and started going to therapy, I reclaimed the word in a way that feels good to me.” In this song and in the rest of her music to come Rapp leans into a uniquely bold showcase of vulnerability to connect with her ever growing fandom. Eager to continue to share her emotions with the world, Reneé has much more music on the way under her recent signing to Interscope Records/Universal Music Canada.


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