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17 SEPTEMBER 2021 (TORONTO, ON) - Today, breakout pop-EDM songstress Rêve unveils her latest track, CTRL + ALT + DEL,produced by Montreal production duo Banx & Ranx (Dua Lipa, Sia, Little Mix, Sean Paul). Drawing inspiration from the heydays of 90s sophisticated Euro sound, the lyrically clever “CTRL + ALT + DEL” arrives just in time as the perfect end-of-summer anthem. “CTRL+ALT + DELETE ‘EM. Ain’t got time for this on the weekend.”
The track is released today alongside its video, imagined by Anthony Hachez and directed by Adem Boutlidja. Highlighting Rêve’s flair for surreal aesthetics, the futuristic visuals show a series of versions of Rêve in a continuous, déjà vu-like loop. Who clicked CTRL C and CTRL V? “Drawing inspiration from the song’s name, we created a never-ending loop, inviting listeners to dive into Rêve’s surreal world,” said Anthony Hachez. “The song's 90s-era sound is also reflected in the video's aesthetic, bringing it to life in a futuristic way.”





On the release, Rêve commented: “’CTRL + ALT + DEL’ was written during one of the worst waves of Covid in fall 2020. The day Banx & Ranx and I wrote the song, we went into the session with the intention of creating something super fun and lighthearted to offset the heaviness that everyone was collectively experiencing. We tried all sorts of weird and wonderful things during the session, most of which you actually hear in the song today (like the pre-chorus that sounds like a cheer chant for example). ‘CTRL’ is a song with a sense of humor that encapsulates a feeling that I’m sure most of us have felt at one point or another: the feeling of wanting to go out to the club for the music and literally nothing else!”

“CTRL + ALT + DEL” comes as a follow-up to Rêve’s major-label debut track “Still Dancing,” along with “SKIN 2 SKIN”, and “SKIN 2 SKIN” (BILLEN TED REMIX / AUDIO), which have garnered over 1.5 million global streams in just over two months. This summer, Rêve made her live debut with a 2-song performance on Overwatch League with an audience of over 200,000 viewers. Watch “Still Dancing” HERE and “SKIN 2 SKIN” HERE.

Yet glamorous, dark, and surreal on the exterior, Rêve’s repertoire is profoundly thoughtful and emotional at its core. Coupling thought-provoking lyrics with melodies that will emotionally and physically move her audience, Rêve’s music reminds you to embrace the emotions and parts of yourself that you are taught to perceive as flaws in today’s world. With much more music on the horizon, 2021 saw Rêve confidently emerge and offer intriguing previews of what is yet to come from the songstress as she continues to cement herself as one of the brightest new pop-EDM stars. Stay tuned for much more to come.




Montreal-born, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Briannah Donolo was discovered when her performance of the national anthem at a Canadiens de Montréal game sparked headlines across Toronto Sun, Journal de Montréal, and on socials like: “Unknown hot chick melted the fucking ice,” and “The Anthem Singer At B's Vs. Habs Just Became A SUPERSTAR.” The phone rang off the hook. Major labels, agents, sleazy impresarios all called with the same pitch – to transform Briannah into the perfect pop star. But Briannah was far from perfect, and the glass slipper broke before anyone got their fairy tale ending. Instead, Briannah retreated to her hometown of Montréal, adopted the moniker “Rêve” (French for ‘dream’), embraced her imperfections, and started to map out her path as an artist going through growing pains. Parties and bars (both of which she would attend, then later perform at) centred around dancing and Dance music sparked inspiration and quickly, Rêve learned how a club transformed into heaven. As a result, she started writing honest songs with the intention to create the soundscape that lives in her mind: playful, pop, and R&B influenced dance music that draws its inspirations from the heydays of 90s sophisticated Euro sound.  
When the global pandemic hit in 2020, Rêve refused to let the state of the world break her stride. Instead, she connected with Montréal-based production duo Banx & Ranx (Dua Lipa, Sia, Little Mix, Sean Paul), who she credits to encouraging her biggest creative turning point to date. Their partnership “signifies labour of love and a testament to what happens when you let go of inhibition and allow your artistry to know no bounds.”
Now based in Toronto, Rêve made her major-label debut in June 2021 via Universal Music Canada and Astralwerks, releasing "Still Dancing," the first collaboration with Montréal production duo Banx & Ranx, who co-sign her to UMC via their label 31 East. Rêve is here to remind us that life isn't perfect, but everyone should have a dream. You see - and hear - this loud and clear in Rêve's music, inspired by her unforgettable nights at Montréal clubs. Driven by honest storytelling and powerful yet sensual vocals, Rêve comes as one of this generation's most promising artists.