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“Oliver Malcolm is the dynamic rising star ready kick up a storm with his diverse, new punk-indebted EP” — NME


“With its deep bassline and bluesy melodies alchemizing jazz and pop influences, he crafts an almost tangible atmosphere of melancholy [in “Helen”] as pleas to a woman echo throughout” — Pigeons & Planes, Best New Artist


“The drums lurch toward the offbeats, some looped guitar picking tugs against that pulse and Malcolm’s voice is a rattled, quavery moan...Everything stays off-kilter for the two and a half paranoid minutes of “Switched Off” by Oliver Malcolm” — New York Times, Playlist


09 DECEMBER 2020 (TORONTO, ON) - Fiery newcomer, Oliver Malcolm has released a new demo track titled “Nevada 2003.” After teasing a snippet over on his Instagram, the young Swedish born and London raised artist decided to drop the full length on Soundcloud — listen to the track in full here. A hybrid of melodies and funk, Oliver continues to deliver music that is sonically rich and effortless paints a story. “Nevada 2003” follows the release of previously acclaimed singles like “Switched Up,” “The Machine” and most recently “Outside” — a pensive track reflecting on the times. 


Listen to "Nevada 2003" HERE


About Oliver Malcolm — 

Oliver Malcolm got his start early, teaching himself how to spin records at 12 years old. Shortly after, he downloaded Logic and taught himself how to produce – working with IDK, Aluna George, Joey Bada$$, Jay Rock, Masego Tinashe and more. Now twenty, Oliver has developed his own voice. Touching everything from the production, vocals, songwriting, engineering, mixing and mastering,  Oliver’s sound is unique and does not fit the mold of one genre. Quick to be praised by the likes of New York Times, TIME Magazine, Pigeons & Planes, Interview Magazine, CLASH, NME and more, Oliver Malcolm is priming his trajectory to be a long and critical one. A multidisciplinary at heart, this is just the beginning of what music lovers can look forward to from the new artist.


Oliver Malcolm by Kay Ibrahim (DOWNLOAD HERE)


Continued Praise for Oliver Malcolm:


“Oliver Malcolm's 'Switched Up' Is Intoxicating… new single 'Switched Up' is a mesh of influences, a confluence of sounds, a mosaic of techniques.” — CLASH


“Oliver Malcolm [is] The UK’s Most Talented Bad Boy” — Interview Magazine


“A lot of artists claim genre-blending style, but Malcolm’s is altogether impossible to define. Is it alt-blues? Dark electro-pop? Folk-hip-hop? Does it matter?” — TIME Magazine, Best New Song


“The hip-hop producer-turned-twisted musical anarchist is making songs for nobody but himself. You’ll love them anyway.” — i-D Magazine


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