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06 MAY 2021 (TORONTO, ON) — Today, Irish songwriter, producer and artist Cian Ducrot has released his newest effort, “Know Me Again.” A poignant song about heart-wrenching breakups that are so devastating that you wish to be reintroduced to your love to start afresh. The song, written by Cian himself and frequent collaborator (and past roommate) Cate, is a feat in songwriting excellence. The pair’s voices flutter across the melody of “Know Me Again” slowly lulling in the listener to then crescendo into a massive peak as Cian’s booming vocals and production pairs up against Cate’s saccharine-like vocal work. “Know Me Again” is another clear indicator of Cian’s masterful handling of evoking raw emotion through music.



Speaking on the song’s making, Cian had this to share:


“‘Cate and I wrote ‘Know Me Again’ over FaceTime, and then we kind of forgot about it for a long time. It wasn't until my nearly five year relationship had ended that we came back to this song to finish it, and we realised how special it was. This was one of the first songs Cate and I ever wrote together, and it was the start of a wonderful friendship and songwriting journey. This song means the world to us both 🤍 .” — Cian Ducrot. Be on the lookout for more Cian Ducrot soon.


About Cian Ducrot:

Raised in Cork and based in London but just as likely to be found recording in LA, Cian Ducrot takes a nomadic approach to pop music. Home for this 23-year-old singer, songwriter, producer and classically-trained multi-instrumentalist is wherever he happens to find his laptop and guitar — but no matter where he is. Growing up in a broken home, Cian sought relief in music, listening to his Mum playing everything from Bach to Chopin — often finding that music was a way to escape the trials of abuse, a turbulent family dynamic and more. It’s no surprise that he went on to focus on music in school, joining musicals, drama clubs, mastered different instruments and performing from a young age. Cian will eventually win a full scholarship to study classical flute at the Royal Academy of Music — one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the world. Around the same time, Cian knew that to create original music he would have to teach himself how to produce. And so he did.


A couple of years into his schooling, Cian took a short trip to Los Angeles, CA — a trip that inspired him to pursue his dream of becoming a pop artist instead of a classical flautist. He decided to take a risk leaving his schooling (and the full ride scholarship that came with it) and moved back to Ireland to plan for his new dream. Cian was steadfast in his new writing journey, with money being tight he would often couch surf between London and L.A. The product of these experiences was his debut release; started in college (2020) — a mixtape that chronicles his unconventional road into the music industry. The risk ended up paying off when he was discovered by Darkroom/ Interscope Records last Summer; promptly signed him to the label. Capitalizing on his natural talent and years of dedication, the Irish songwriter/producer and artist is at work on a new project and aims to showcase his diverse talents exploring revealing issues of love, loss, masculinity and frustration. Cian wishes to create music that listeners can relate to and find solace in – not unlike how a young Cian once did.


Photo by Emily Barker