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06 MARCH 2020 (TORONTO, ON) -- Composer and pianist Sophie Hutchings reveals her new single "Surrender To The Deepest Blue" out today on Mercury KX/Universal Music Canada, the country's leading music company. The track is the third single taken from her upcoming album Scattered On The Wind set for release on 17th April. To accompany the dazzling track, Sophie is also releasing an enigmatic music video which expands on the mystifying concept of the song.


"Surrender To The Deepest Blue" opens up with a powerful piano melody that is quickly offset by a quiet and gentle violin inflection. With the help of long-term collaborators Peter Hollo on cello and Jay Kong on violin, the artist created a piece with an ever-changing instrumental power dynamic that mirrors the pull-and-push of the ocean itself. Additionally, Sophie emulates the bursting sound of waves through strategically placed vocal harmonies performed by herself.


With the music video, directed by James Kates, Sophie has also shaped a beautifully veiled multi-sensory experience that further showcase her inspiration. As Sophie explains, “There’s a certain chemistry and physiology about the ocean that is quite personal... I guess that’s why so much literature uses the ocean to represent life in many ways… This is a representation of both its power and its peace.”


Sophie spent a good deal of her childhood outdoors, by the ocean allowing her to deeply understand its nature. “I find the water has an almost medicinal effect,” says the artist, who still swims and surfs with enthusiastic regularity. “There’s a peace that comes over you when you’re in the ocean or gazing at its horizon.”


The elemental, almost otherworldly effect of that natural landscape on Sophie’s psyche has proved a formative and lasting influence on her style as a pianist and composer. Sophie’s music is ruminative and dreamy, with rippling piano-based instrumentals described by The Guardian as exuding “an intimate, contemplative quality; sometimes melancholic, often with an exhilarating beauty.”


Having been named one of MOJO’s "Top 5 Independent Albums" of the year with her debut album Becalmed [2010], it was her solo piano album White Light [2015], that marked her first buzz release, proving a hit on streaming platforms and earning her a wider, more global fan base.


A decade on from her debut, with a growing fan base and new continents beckoning, Sophie is a star in undeniable ascension, and she is ready to unleash her first Mercury KX album upon the world.



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