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28 AUGUST 2020 (TORONTO, ON)Stephan Moccio’s hauntingly beautiful, piano-only album Tales of Solace’ is out today via Decca Records and Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company. On this new music, Stephan returns to his roots in classical composition and back to the instrument he knows best, the piano. Since the release of his first single ‘Fracture’ in mid-April, Stephan’s songs have racked up over 30M streams worldwide with nearly 2M in Canada.


"I needed to recalibrate on many levels - musically, personally and mentally,” says Stephan Moccio. “Solitude and quiet, in a noisy world, are elements I have been craving for a long time. Naturally, it made sense to engage in an intimate conversation between myself and the instrument which has been faithful to me my entire life.  Strip it all down… one person, in one room, with one instrument.”


Throughout his career, you can hear his performances on countless recordings by the world’s biggest artists. He has written and composed songs for global stars – ‘Wrecking Ball’ for Miley Cyrus, ‘A New Day Has Come’ for Celine Dion and ‘Earned It’ for The Weeknd – a track featured on the film Fifty Shades of Grey for which he received an Oscar nomination.


Sometimes music can say so much more than words. In its purely instrumental state, the blissfully flowing sounds of Stephan’s custom-made Yamaha YUS5 piano playing span the depth of human emotion, with its tender, beautiful, dark and light tones. Perhaps it is truly, sincerely the most international music, transcending cultures, because it has no lyrics. It’s music that can be universally understood – and felt.


Tales of Solace is out today via Decca Records / Universal Music Canada



  1. Il Était Une Fois
  2. Fracture
  3. Whitby
  4. Sea Change
  5. Thirteen
  6. Lumière
  7. Nostalgia
  8. Nuit Blanche
  9. Through Oscar's Eyes
  10. Le Temps Qui Passe
  11. Tu Me Manques
  12. Solace
  13. Ghosts
  14. Burgundy
  15. Freddie’s Theme
  16. La Fille Aux Pouvoirs Magiques



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