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31 OCTOBER 2022 (TORONTO, ON) – Today, Summer Walker revamps her 2018 opus Last Day Of Summer project and releases Last Day Of Summer (Sped Up). The newer version comes after the TikTok success of "Karma," which saw spikes in streams after fans sped up the older rendition at the start of 2022. TikTok influencer @whereisreese created the viral dance and helped propel the song into new success. The original song, which garnered 250-300k weekly global streams at the beginning of the year, reached a whopping 2 million after LVRN/Interscope Records/Universal Music Canada re-released the sped-up song. "Karma" peaked at 4.1 million global weekly streams and reached gold status in August.


Other Summer songs which have found similar success after being sped up on TikTok and YouTube include "Shame," "Deep," and her Billboard smash hit "Girls Need Love (Remix)" featuring Drake. The latter began catching traction when Kehlani expressed her joy in the sped-up version, dubbing it her "new favorite sound." Last Day of Summer is officially the first sped-up album to be released and is a result of the singer listening to her devoted fanbase, who found pleasure in revisiting her classic but in a newer way.


Last August, Summer released her Amazon Music Live EP Summer Series. The five-track offering includes live performances of fan-favorite Summer records, including "Over It," "Playing Games," "Session 32," "Throw It Away," and "Unloyal."


Summer has enjoyed a string of stellar performances over the last few months, beginning with her sold-out concert, A Hot Summer Night, last June. She continued her fiery onslaught at London's Wireless Festival, where her rousing effort amazed the crowd and left her stunned by their courteous reception. She continued her scorching summer by taking her talents to New York's Hulu Theatre at the prestigious Madison Square Garden before performing at Detroit's Fox Theatre. In recent months, Walker also landed prominent feature appearances alongside music heavyweights Kendrick Lamar ("Purple Hearts") and The Weeknd ("Best Friend (Remix)."


Last Day Of Summer (Sped Up) Tracklisting

  1. BP (Sped Up)
  2. Talk Yo Shit (Sped Up)
  3. Girls Need Love (Sped Up)
  4. CPR (Sped Up)
  5. Smartwater (Sped Up)
  6. Deep (Sped Up)
  7. Baby (Sped Up)
  8. I’m There (Sped Up)
  9. Karma (Sped Up)
  10. Prayed Up (Sped Up)
  11. Shame (Sped Up)
  12. Just Like Me (Sped Up)
  13. Girls Need Love (Remix Sped Up) ft. Drake