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04 OCTOBER 2019 (TORONTO, ON) – Today, Toronto based singer, songwriter and composer, Tasha Angela releases her debut studio single “Lost in Nostalgia” via Public Records Inc/Universal Music Canada.


Listen to the single “Lost In Nostalgia” HERE


“Lost in Nostalgia” is an upbeat single that showcases Tasha Angela’s mellifluous vocals and song writing prowess. Written in the span of an hour Tasha Angela expertly weaves in soul and R&B influences resulting in a single is simultaneously contemporary and timeless. The lyrics speak to the universal impulse towards romanticizing the past and revelling in the nostalgia of memories.


In Tasha Angela’s own words: “The Lost In Nostalgia idea came from me staring at old photos that I hang in my room. I wanted to capture the feeling of what it’s like to reminisce, whether it be good relationships or bad ones, because all of those small moments add up and have made me the person I am today.” 

“Lost in Nostalgia” was produced by Avenue (Sam Willows) and mixed by renown Canadian musician Howie Beck. “Lost In Nostalgia” is the first single off of Tasha Angela’s upcoming EP “Hidden Gems” due for release later this year.




Toronto based recording artist, Tasha Angela, is a singer/songwriter/pianist/composer. Blessed with a gift for melody - Tasha’s writing has an innocence that belies a maturity beyond her years.


Her passion for making music began at the early age of 11, performing at school recitals, writing poems and singing along to her favourite songs on her way to school. It was in these moments that Tasha Angela discovered her passion for singing and began to develop her sound. Drawing inspiration from Alicia Keys, India Arie, Will I Am and Lady Gaga she was drawn to R&B and soul because in her words: “that’s the way that it translates into with the words and melodies that I hear in my head.” Tasha Angela dedicates the majority of her time to developing and perfecting her song writing craft - she actively studies those who have come before her and is constantly refining her practice to determine what a great song is. 


Tasha treats her ability to create music as a form of healing, “I feel as though it’s the one thing that truly excites me when I wake up. When I hear a melody in my head and put the keys behind it and words to follow, it’s as if I can capture certain moments and make them last forever,” she tells us. 


In early 2019, Tasha Angela connected with Toronto based music industry and community leader Gavin Sheppard at Jessie Reyez’ song writing camp. Taken by her sound and talent, Gavin introduced Tasha to Dan Kurtz (Dragonette & The New Deal) and his studio, The Asylum, in the spring of 2019. It was at The Asylum that Tasha finally found a collaborative musical home. It was also at The Asylum that Tasha began working and recording the majority of her "Hidden Gems EP" in earnest with producer/arranger Sam "Avenue" Willows (Carousel, Dragonette, Tokyo Police Club). This body of work also includes one single "Up To You" - which was produced by Juno Award winner, Rich Kidd at the Jessie Reyez writing camp. All the songs are mixed by Howie Beck (Feist, Dragonette, Charlotte Day Wilson).


Tasha Angela is a Honey Jam 2017 alumni and has performed on a few other stages in Toronto including showcases with Talent Nation and with Second Nature Group. Confident, youthful and driven Tasha is a special and rare talent at the dawn of her creative journey with so much more to come. 


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