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29 JANUARY 21 (TORONTO, ON) - The Killers’ latest album, the internationally lauded Imploding The Mirage, has been given the Deluxe treatment and is released worldwide today on Island Records/Universal Music Canada, the country's leading music company. The Deluxe collection comes with live, stripped down versions of beloved songs “Blowback” and “Caution,” as well as a brand new song, “C’est La Vie”, which is a brilliant addition to an already-perfect album.


Listen to "Imploding The Mirage Deluxe" HERE


Imploding The Mirage, The Killers’ sixth studio album and the follow up to 2017’s chart topping Wonderful Wonderful, spawned a monster in first single “Caution” which reached #1 of both the Alternative and Triple A radio charts. With their headlining stadium show shelved due to the pandemic, the band took “Caution” and the following singles -  ”Dying Breed, “Fire In Bone” and “My Own Soul’s Warning” -  to multiple TV shows around the world.


Imploding The Mirage - produced by the band in conjunction with Shawn Everett and Jonathan Rado of Foxygen, was recorded in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Park City, UT. It is the first Killers album to be written and recorded since leaving their hometown of Las Vegas, NV. Imploding The Mirage also features a brilliant array of collaborators, another first for the band who have typically kept guest spots on their albums to a minimum. The list of featured artists includes Lindsey Buckingham, kd lang, Weyes Blood, Adam Granduciel (War On Drugs), Blake Mills, and Lucius.


Tracklist for Imploding The Mirage Deluxe:

  1. My Own Soul’s Warning
  2. Blowback
  3. Dying Breed
  4. Caution
  5. Lightning Fields feat. kd lang
  6. Fire In Bone
  7. Running Toward A Place
  8. My God feat. Weyes Blood
  9. When The Dreams Run Dry
  10. Imploding The Mirage
  11. C’est La vie
  12. Caution 
  13. Blowback 

Since the release of their 2004 debut, Hot Fuss, The Killers have sold 28 million albums, headlined stadiums and festivals around the world and won dozens of accolades globally, cementing their continued reign as America’s heartland heroes. Influences include Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, as well as Killers’ touchstones like Bruce Springsteen and New Order. Throughout it all, Flowers remains a wholly singular songwriter.


Praise For Imploding The Mirage:


"The Killers come storming back with a big, anthemic collection" - NPR


"Led by the exquisite brio of Brandon Flowers, the Las Vegas band returns with one of their biggest and best albums, a marvelously absurd collection of synth-rock gems and arena anthems." PITCHFORK


"Epic."  - BILLBOARD


 "The kind of roaring energy and catchy hooks that recall the band's early classics." - ROLLING STONE


"Brandon Flowers always sounds great bellowing over grandiose guitar bangers with a polished synthetic sheen. Imploding The Mirage is the Killers’ most satisfying collection of songs in more than a decade." -  STEREOGUM


"The songs themselves are vintage Killers, often beginning quietly but driving inexorably to those yearning, multi-layered choruses that Flowers does so well, perfect for singing emotively with an impassioned fist over the chest " -  VARIETY


"Imploding the Mirage doles out bombast, introspection and ironclad hooks in equal measure...The lyrical themes are simple but universal: love, faith, the desire to escape from the shackles of your hometown. And the songs sound larger than life, begging to be shouted from the tallest mountains—or, more realistically, blasted from festival stages across the world as fireworks explode in the distance."  - FORBES


"The Killers have perfected the moment when a song explodes into an anthem, and Imploding the Mirage is a master class in those visceral hooks...Thrilling."  - PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER


"Imploding The Mirage is an expansive record, steeped in both the thrill of romance and the simple joy of just being alive." - AV CLUB


"Nearly every one of the 10 tracks on Imploding the Mirage overflows with confidence and ardor, at a time when this city—this country, this world—could use both."  - LAS VEGAS WEEKLY


"Imploding the Mirage feels like more than just one of their best albums, but a triumphant and invigorated rut-reversal that shines with a hard-won confidence."  - ALL MUSIC


"Their best album in over a decade.” -  BROOKLYN VEGAN


"The Killers have followed a lifetime of perfect songs and made their first truly great album."- EXCLAIM!


 “A winning formula from the world’s biggest band. .. This is, for the most part, vintage Killers – glittering, gigantic and boldly triumphant.” - THE FORTY FIVE


 “If ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ was an arm around a trembling shoulder, ‘Imploding The Mirage’ is a raised fist to the future.” - NME


 “An album that feels rich and invigorating, and proves they’re still one of our most treasured bands for a reason.” DIY


“This album is all Killer, no filler.” - MAIL ON SUNDAY


 “A breathless career-high from the Las Vegas group, pitching the wide open vistas so potently explored in their lyrics against tender evocations of love and faith.” - CLASH 8/10




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