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Below you will find useful information about submitting the manufacturing parts for physical production.

1. Audio master:

  • Must be in DDP format and can be submitted in multiple ways
  • For ways to submit it please contact Dennis Marengeur at

2. Art files (softpacks, digipacks, booklets, sleeves, cd labels, stickers, etc…):

  • All the art files are based on a template so please contact us to advise you and supply the proper templates. Some templates can be found at Ross Ellis Packaging Solutions. For any issues please email Dennis at the email address above or Gabi at
  • Here is a PDF that contains template usage guidelines: Template Usage Guidelines_rev3.pdf. Please ask the designer to read and follow these guidelines carefully.
  • You can provide the art files as native files in Adobe Creative Suite formats (.indd .ai or .psd) or as hi-res PDFs. Please understand that editing the hi-res PDFs is limited so any changes will be done on your side.
  • If you provide native files please don’t forget to include the used images and fonts.
  • Often, changes need to be done to the files already supplied. If native files were submitted, we can do the changes but please understand there will be charges involved and the extent of the changes must be small. If you do make the changes yourself, please provide only the files that have changed and use a different name for the files. Suffixes like _rev1, _rev2 are perfect.
  • All files must be compressed in a ZIP file before being submitted. Please name the ZIP archive in the format for easy identifying.

3. Submission Form:

  • It is a PDF form that has to contain information about manufacturing.
  • Some fields are mandatory and you will be prompted to fill them in before being able to use the Email button.
  • Move the cursor on top of a field to see info about the field.
  • Please use only Adobe Acrobat to complete and submit the form.