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Posted on January 30, 2018

Did You Notice These Details In Demi Lovato’s ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ Video

“On days like this”, you need a quiz. 

We’re one month away from Demi’s Tell Me You Love Me Tour with DJ Khaled! If you’re anything like us, you’ve got her music and videos on repeat until February 26th when the new tour kicks off. And if that’s the case, then you should have no problem showing off how well you know her latest video. This quiz was meant for you… Check it out! 

  • At 6 minutes and 48 seconds long, it is Demi's longest music video.

    • True
    • False
  • Demi's co-star Jesse Williams plays a doctor on what popular TV drama?

    • This Is Us
    • Chicago Med
    • Orange Is The New Black
    • Grey's Anatomy
  • Demi wears what brand of wedding gown in the video?

    • Vera Wang
    • Lazaro
    • Maggie Sottero
    • Hayley Paige
  • The song is the second single from which of Demi's albums?

    • Confident
    • Tell Me You Love Me
    • Demi
    • Unbroken
  • In the video, Demi's best friends make a cameo in what role?

    • Gospel Singers
    • Wedding Guests
    • Apple Farmers
    • Bridesmaids
  • Demi shares the news of her engagement with her friend using what app?

    • Facebook Messenger
    • Skype
    • Google Duo
    • Facetime
  • Before running away, what does the groom say to Demi?

    • "We should be friends"
    • "We're not ready"
    • "I don't love you anymore"
    • "You deserve better"
  • Director Mark Pellington first worked with Demi on what other music video?

    • Skyscraper
    • Sorry Not Sorry
    • Confident
    • Cool For The Summer
  • Fans speculate that the video was inspired by which of Demi's exes?

    • Joe Jonas
    • Wilmer Valderrama
    • Guilherme Vasconcelos
    • Luke Rockhold
  • While in bed with her fiancé, Demi gets a phone call from who?

    • Eminem
    • Shane Gray
    • Erik
    • Chad Dylan Cooper
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