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Posted on July 27, 2018

Finish The Lyrics: Time To See How Well You Know Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Album

“‘Cause I want ya and I need ya…”

Since Drake released his latest album ‘Scorpion’, it’s all anyone can talk about – or listen to. It’s even created a viral moment with the #InMyFeelingsChallenge. Between inspiring dance challenges and the countless memes, it’s safe to say the album is beyond popular amassing over 1 billion streams. Think you’ve been listening to ‘Scorpion’ a lot? Enough to know the words to every song? Take this quiz to find out.

  • From "Survival": "Who do you really _____? Well, that's sure to be in question"

    • want
    • need
    • love
  • From "That's How You Feel" - "I know you like to _____ 'til the sun up"

    • drink
    • dance
    • grind
  • From "In My Feelings" - "Keke, do you love me? Are you _____?"

    • hiding
    • riding
    • beside me
  • From "Emotionless": "I know the truth is you won't love me until I'm____"

    • gone
    • moving on
    • leaving
  • From "8 out of 10": "Drizzy 'bout to drop, the _____ is in disarray"

    • day
    • game
    • play
  • From "March 14": "I had to come to terms with the fact that it's _____"

    • not a maybe
    • a maybe
    • crazy
  • From "Blue Tint": "She said that that she workin', I told her _______"

    • she bein' nice again
    • I'd pray for the kid
    • come over
  • From "Nonstop": "Money for _____, man, that’s hardly an expense"

    • events
    • offense
    • revenge
  • From "Final Fantasy": "I like best when you're fresh faced and no ______"

    • foundation
    • lipstick
    • eyeshadow
  • From "Jaded": "Yes I'm ______, yes I'm jaded"

    • in pain
    • hurting
    • jaded
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