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Posted on December 07, 2018

FINISH THE LYRICS: The Reklaws – Long Live The Night

If you watched this year’s CFL Grey Cup, you probably know who The Reklaws are, but if you didn’t, don’t worry! We have the low-down on this country duo right here

The Reklaws at 106th Grey Cup

Jenna and Stuart performed their certified-Gold single “Long Live The Night” and their latest track “Feels Like That” at the 2018 Grey Cup Kickoff Show in Edmonton. Based on your reactions on Twitter, you guys LOVED their performance. 

Now that you’ve had some time to listen their music on repeat, it’s time to test your knowledge of their lyrics. No cheating! 

Don’t forget to check out our HILARIOUS video of Jenna and Stuart at Casa Loma’s Legends of Horror. 

  • Take a sip, ___________ raise 'em on up real high

    • the night is lit
    • play a hit
    • this is it
  • The stars are falling _______________ so wish on one

    • to the ground
    • like confetti
    • all around
  • Before you know it's over man it ____________

    • shouldn't end
    • goes so quick
    • flies by fast
  • Music's playing, yeah we're ___________, turn this one up

    • slaying
    • swaying
    • staying
  • It's a guy and girl hoping that _______________

    • forever begins
    • the night never ends
    • sun don't rise
  • We 'bout to burn up this _____________ from dusk till dawn

    • nine to five
    • whole night
    • place
  • It's a bar, ______________, it's a see where it goes

    • let's go far
    • it's a field
    • we're on our way
  • We're just small town stars holding on to ________________

    • midnight
    • each other
    • a tune
  • Find someone, have some fun till it all gets lost ____________

    • after tonight
    • over time
    • in the light
  • Full moon rising we ain't _________

    • there yet
    • ready to leave
    • done the night
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