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Posted on January 03, 2019

FINISH THE LYRICS: “Two Punks In Love” by bülow

“Can’t count the ways I’ve…”

Since the release of her massive debut single, “Not A Love Song,” bülow (boo-low) has been quite the busy bee. But while we’re still bumping “Not A Love Song” regularly, bülow’s latest single, a heartfelt acoustic ballad called “Two Punks in Love”, is also on our playlist. The track has racked up over half a million YouTube views since its release and we’re absolutely loving it and we’ve heard you are too. 

So there’s only one thing to do, take our lyrics quiz to see how well you know “Two Punks In Love”.

  • Seasons changed and ___________

    • angels fly
    • there's a chill in my bones
    • flowers died
  • Your escape was _________

    • my house
    • the drugs
    • a boat
  • You broke my heart _______________

    • and said goodbye
    • left me cryin'
    • a million times
  • Two punks in love you had my back from ____________

    • the first time we met
    • day one
    • the beginning
  • A stolen kiss, now I can't wait to ______________ with you

    • waste my life away
    • spent the night
    • run away
  • Can't count the ways I've made ___________________

    • a mess
    • the wrong choice
    • you cry
  • But I get depressed at the thought of __________________

    • going home alone
    • losing you
    • staying here another day
  • We're still _____________ side by side

    • running
    • rocking
    • riding
  • ________________ knew what was up

    • That cupid
    • Your friends
    • My heart
  • And now I'm ____________, inseparable we've become

    • not alone
    • growing
    • locked
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