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Posted on January 10, 2019


The most talked about teen artist is back with another hit!

Billie Eilish has had one of the biggest year’s of her career and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Starting off 2019 with a brand new track called “WHEN I WAS OLDER” which was inspired by the Golden Globe winning film, ROMA. We thought we’d have some fun by quizzing you on the lyrics of the track. If you need some help, feel free to give it a listen before you begin.

  • I'm on my back again dreaming of a time and __________

    • day
    • place
    • mood
  • Guess I got caught in the __________ of it

    • middle
    • rhythm
    • center
  • Heavy rain turns any funeral pyre to ______

    • slush
    • mush
    • mud
  • When I was older I was a _________ on an open sea

    • sailor
    • captain
    • boat
  • I'm watching _________ back to back in black and white

    • you
    • this daydream
    • movies
  • You'd really like it in the _____________

    • moonlight
    • limelight
    • daylight
  • But I'm the __________ in my own eyes

    • villian
    • champion
    • loser
  • Memories burn like a ________________

    • candle
    • bon fire
    • forest fire
  • And my ________ is paler than it should ever be

    • skin
    • face
    • hand
  • Before it breaks in half and then we ________ it back again

    • put
    • bend
    • move
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