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Posted on March 13, 2019

FINISH THE LYRICS: “7 Minutes” by Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis is back with another dope track! The Australian singer-songwriter track “7 Minutes”  highlights his unreal songwriting ability, but how well do you know the lyrics? Take our quiz and find out! Let us know how you do on twitter @umusic!

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  • Is it too late to turn around? I'm already halfway ___________

    • out of bed
    • out of town
    • out of state
    • out of the country
  • I forgot to _________

    • love you, love you, love you
    • call you, call you, call you
    • text you, text you, text you
    • help you, help you, help you
  • Drinking ______ under your window, back when life was so damn simple

    • tea
    • wine
    • coffee
    • soda
  • And I'm driving past the places we both know, past the _____________ where we first kissed

    • movie theatre
    • arcade
    • restaurant
    • bar
  • Now I sink a little deeper, think a little clearer, looking at myself through these _______________

    • big brown eyes
    • ocean eyes
    • newfound eyes
    • crying eyes
  • How the hell did I end up ___________?

    • losing you
    • here again
    • like this
    • without you
  • Now I know how I _____________

    • hurt you
    • let you down
    • played myself
    • messed up
  • It's been _________________ now since I've lost my way

    • seven years
    • six hours
    • so long
    • seven minutes
  • It's in all the little things, when you smile, now it ___________

    • hurts
    • pains
    • stings
    • kills
  • If I come around would you ___________?

    • even care
    • be happy
    • feel better
    • say sorry
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