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Posted on June 28, 2018

FINISH THE LYRICS: Kanye West’s “ye”

“I can feel the _____ all around me”…

Have you listened to Kanye West’s new album ye? The answer is most likely OF COURSE. It’s the eighth studio album from the rapper, and he gets personal with references to his wife Kim Kardashian, and his daughters.  Kanye had a star-studded listening party for the album’s release, and it looked amazing. We’re talking serious FOMO.

Think you’ve listened to ye enough times to have the lyrics memorized? Test your knowledge by taking the quiz! If you need a refresher, give ye another listen below!

  • From 'I Thought About Killing You': "The most beautiful thoughts are always besides the ______"

    • longest
    • darkest
    • worst
  • From 'Yikes': "I can feel the ______ all around me"

    • spirits
    • ghosts
    • demons
  • From 'Wouldn't Leave': "You know I'm sensitive, I got _______"

    • sentimental
    • a gentle mental
    • sent to mental
  • From 'Ghost Town': "You might think they wrote you off They gon' have to ______ me off"

    • pay
    • write
    • rope
  • From 'No Mistakes': "Oh, I got ____ on my name, I got white on my beard"

    • dirt
    • debt
    • wrongs
  • From 'Wouldn't Leave': "Butterfly in my wrist you make _______ out of my skin"

    • a residence
    • a home
    • pretty women
  • From 'Violent Crimes': "You break a glass and say it again she can't comprehend the ______ she in"

    • danger
    • trouble
    • world
  • From 'No Mistake': "Make no mistake, girl, I still ____ you"

    • need
    • love
    • want
  • From 'Violent Crimes': "It was all part of the story, even the ____ nights"

    • bad
    • scary
    • worst
  • From 'Yikes': "See, this a type of ____ that won't come down"

    • scare
    • fame
    • high
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