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Posted on May 07, 2018

Know A Thing Or Two About Halsey? Then This Quiz Is For You!

Whenever Halsey comes out with a new song, video (or anything) we’re so into it. Her latest song, “Alone” aludes to the fact that there’s much that we still have to learn about the singer, so naturally we decided it was time to test that theory. So, we’re challenging you to do it all #Alone. No Googling the answers! Time to showcase how much you really know about Halsey. 


  • What is Halsey’s real name?

    • Rachel Elizabeth Halsey
    • Ashley Frangipane
    • Hailey Williams
    • Halsey is her real name
  • True or false: Halsey once got a tattoo during a Toronto tour stop

    • True
    • False
  • Who has Halsey yet to collaborate with?

    • The Chainsmokers
    • Justin Bieber
    • Ariana Grande
    • Big Sean
  • Halsey went on tour with which band to promote her debut EP?

    • Maroon 5
    • 5 Seconds of Summer
    • Years and Years
    • Imagine Dragons
  • Halsey’s album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is largely inspired by which movie?

    • Romeo and Juliet
    • Titanic
    • High School Musicial
    • The Notebook
  • Halsey is currently in a relationship with which famous rapper?

    • G-eazy
    • Drake
    • Offset
    • Post Malone
  • Halsey signed a record deal after she was discovered on which platform?

    • Musically
    • Spotify
    • YouTube
    • SoundCloud
  • Which famous musician does not have a writing credit on Hopeless Fountain Kingdom?

    • Sia
    • The Weeknd
    • Iggy Azalea
    • Cashmere Cat
  • In 2017, Halsey’s song “Not Afraid Anymore” was featured in which movie?

    • Fifty Shades Darker
    • Wonder Woman
    • Get Out
    • Beauty and the Beast
  • Halsey received a Grammy nomination for which of her songs?

    • Closer with The Chainsmokers
    • Bad At Love
    • New Americana
    • Now or Never
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