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Posted on June 15, 2018

How Well Do You Know Alessia Cara?

When’s her birthday? What’s her full name?

Alessia Cara won our hearts back in 2014 with her debut single “Here” and we’ve been in love with her ever since. Recently, Alessia released her new song “Growing Pains” and we’re loving it.

If you’re here chances are you’re a pretty big fan so why not test your Alessia knowledge? Take the quiz below while listening to her newest tune.

  • Where was Alessia born?

    • Toronto, Ontario
    • Brampton, Ontario
    • Mississauga, Ontario
  • When is Alessia's birthday?

    • July 11, 1996
    • July 12, 1996
    • July 11, 1997
  • What Disney film did Alessia have a single for?

    • Tangled
    • Frozen
    • Moana
  • What is Alessia's full name?

    • Alessia Caracciolo
    • Alessandria Cara
    • Alessia Cara
  • What tattoo does Alessia have on her wrist?

    • She has no tattoos
    • A paper sailboat
    • A heart
  • Along with music, Alessia is quite skilled at:

    • impersonations
    • drawing
    • dancing
  • Who is Alessia's ideal Canadian collaborator?

    • Justin Bieber
    • Drake
    • The Weeknd
  • What instrument does Alessia write most of her songs on?

    • the guitar
    • the piano
    • the ukulele
  • Her song "Four Pink Walls" is about what?

    • Her childhood bedroom
    • The closet she recorded covers in
    • Her high school
  • Alessia has a condition called synesthesia

    • True
    • False
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