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Posted on May 27, 2018

Prove How Well You Know Rising Rock Band Greta Van Fleet

What inspired their name? How many in the group are brothers?

Rock band Greta Van Fleet have been making headlines for putting out some seriously good rock music that’s been breaking radio records and revving up crowds on their worldwide tour.

Despite all of the hype surrounding the group, aged 19-22, they’re only just getting started. Are you a Greta Van Fleet fan? If you answered, “OBVIOUSLY,” then we’re in the same boat. But, how well do you really know them?

Their EP Black Smoke Rising, is the perfect soundtrack to this quiz, so press play, put on your thinking cap and let’s get started.


  • What inspired the band's name?

    • It was the name of an old woman
    • It's a combination of the band members' names
    • They just liked the sound of it
  • How many of the band members are brothers?

    • 4
    • 3
    • 2
  • Where was the band formed?

    • Ludington, Michigan
    • Frankenmuth, Michigan
    • Port Huron, Michigan
  • Which of the brothers are twins?

    • Jake & Kyle
    • Daniel & Josh
    • Jake & Josh
  • Which Greta Van Fleet song was featured on the show Shameless?

    • "Highway Tune"
    • "Black Smoke Rising"
    • "Edge of Darkness"
  • Who is NOT a current member of the band?

    • Danny Wagner
    • Kyle Hauck
    • Josh Kiszka
  • What year was the band formed?

    • 2014
    • 2013
    • 2012
  • In what city did the band first perform their music?

    • Bay City, Michigan
    • Frankenmuth, Michigan
    • Port Huron, Michigan
  • Which band member is the lead vocalist?

    • Sam Kiszka
    • Josh Kiszka
    • Jake Kiska
  • Greta Van Fleet's logo uses the same font as which TV show?

    • Riverdale
    • American Gods
    • Stranger Things
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