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Posted on May 28, 2018

FINISH THE LYRICS: James Bay’s ‘Electric Light’ Album

“We were born to be wild and….”

Singer-songwriter and certified heartthrob James Bay is back! Not only are we totally digging his new look – although we do miss the long hair – but we’re also loving his track “Us”. Have you given it a listen yet? 


If you love this track and the rest of his album as much as we do, prove it by taking this quiz and finishing the lyrics!

  • Stand Up: "We were Kings, we were ______ of an empire"

    • Kings
    • Queens
    • rulers
  • Us: "‘Cause sometimes this city is nothing but ______"

    • smoke
    • ash
    • dust
  • Wasted On Each Other: "Everybody calls us _______"

    • crazy
    • foolish
    • insane
  • Wanderlust: "No matter where I go, you're the _________ on my mind"

    • one thing
    • only thing
    • first thing

  • In My Head: "And now we're lost and lonely I'll be lost 'til _________"

    • you want me
    • you find me
    • I'm home
  • Sugar Drunk High: "Chewing gum, __________ until our brains burned"

    • vanilla coke
    • coca cola
    • cherry coke
  • I Found You: "There's _______ more hours of life I missed"

    • ten
    • five
    • four
  • Just For Tonight: "Just for tonight, just for tonight, forget who we are, ________"

    • all your words in disguise
    • give up and ignite
    • go with me through the dark for tonight
  • Wild Love: "I wanna give you wild love, the kind that _________"

    • never slows down
    • never stops
    • never gets old
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