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Posted on December 31, 2017

The Best “DAMN.” Quiz You’ll Ever Take About Kendrick Lamar

You read that right! This is the best DAMN. quiz you’ll ever take, cause it’s all about Kendrick Lamar! Our fave Compton born kid who has it all.

It’s time to test your knowledge.

  • Who did Kendrick Lamar aspire to be growing up?

    • Michael Jackson
    • Michael Jordan
    • Michael Bublé
    • Michael J Fox
  • What kind of student was Kendrick in High School?

    • Straight A's
    • Straight B's
    • Straight C's
    • Straight D's
  • When did Kendrick start writing music?

    • During English class
    • During poetry class
    • During math class
    • All of the above
  • TIME Magazine named him one of the most influential people in the world?

    • True
    • False
  • What is Kendrick's favourite cereal?

    • Captain Crunch
    • Fruit Loops
    • Fruity Pebbles
    • Cheerios
  • What is Kendrick's fave home cooked meal?

    • Homemade Sandwich
    • Seafood
    • Cereal
    • Ramen Noodles
  • How many Grammys did Kendrick win in 2016?

    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
  • Kendrick Lamar is related to an NBA player?

    • True
    • False
  • Early in his career, what name did Kendrick go by?

    • K. Dot
    • Kenny
    • K.D
    • KLD
  • What is the lead single off DAMN.?

    • LOYALTY.
    • HUMBLE.
    • BLOOD.
    • DNA
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