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Posted on January 23, 2019

FINISH THE LYRICS: Loren Gray’s “Queen”

“I’m not your angel…”

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or living in some obscure parallel universe where the internet doesn’t exist, then you’ve heard of Loren Gray. Or at least seen her gracing your Instagram explore page – it would be impossible not to what with her 15.4 MILLION followers on the site. Now if you’ve made it all the way to this quiz, we’re pretty sure it’s safe to say you know Loren, and you’re probably a fan and know all about her catchy new tunes.

So with the release of her latest hit, “Queen” it’s the perfect time to find out just how well you know Loren Gray’s music. Let’s see if you can finish these lyrics.

  • You can call me ______ all you like

    • a princess
    • a loser
    • an angel
    • your soulmate
  • Eyes on me like I'm a ______

    • bird
    • sky
    • prize
    • plane
  • I don't need another _____

    • drink
    • guy
    • night
    • minute
  • Boy, you better bow down on your _____

    • elbows
    • nose
    • knee
    • knees
  • I'm not your angel 'cause I belong to ____

    • he
    • me
    • thee
    • the sea

  • Can I get a "Yes, your _____"?

    • majesty
    • royal highness
    • honey
    • majestic highness
  • Fire burnin' in my ____

    • kitchen
    • room
    • mind
    • blood
  • 'Cause you love to keep me _____ by your side

    • sad and
    • helpless
    • happy
    • right
  • Don't ya know I'm ______

    • special
    • yours
    • dangerous
    • one of a kind
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