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Posted on March 12, 2019

Finish the Lyrics: “Lost in Japan” by Shawn Mendes

We can’t get Shawn Mendes’ song “Lost in Japan” out of our heads! It has been on repeat since it released! We know the lyrics pretty well by now, but do you? Take this quiz and find out! Let us know how you did on twitter @umusic!


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  • I'm a couple hundred ______ from Japan

    • miles
    • hours
    • kilometres
  • I can't seem to get you off my mind, let's get _______ tonight

    • takeout
    • messed up
    • lost
  • I know it's more than just a ___________

    • friendship
    • relationship
    • fling
  • I could feel the tension, we could cut it with a ________

    • blade
    • knife
    • sword
  • Do I gotta convince you? That you shouldn't ____________

    • order pizza?
    • fall asleep?
    • sleep over?
  • I was hoping I could get lost in your _________

    • dreams
    • city
    • paradise
  • It'll only be a couple _______, and I'm about to leave

    • minutes
    • hours
    • days
  • All it'd take is one flight we'd be in the same __________

    • time zone
    • country
    • place
  • Looking through your timeline, seeing all the ______________

    • clouds
    • rainbows
    • chickens
  • Do you got plans ___________

    • tonight?
    • tomorrow?
    • right now?
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