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Posted on March 09, 2018

Test Your ‘Logic’ With Our Latest Quiz

2018 is already shaping up to be an incredible year for Logic! With the release of this brand new mixtape “Bobby Tarantino II”, we can’t wait to see what the Michigan-born rapper has in store for the future. But before we get into his future, we have to take a look at his past! How much do you know? Test your knowledge with our latest quiz!


  • What is Logic's real name?

    • Bobby Tarantino
    • Robert Logic
    • Sir Robert Bryson Hall II
    • Logic
  • Why did Logic never finish high school?

    • He was expelled
    • His high school burned down
    • He dropped out
    • He was so smart, he didn't need to
  • Before he was known as Logic, the rapper performed under which other stage name?

    • Biological
    • Psychological
    • Physiological
    • Technological
  • Which movie sparked Logic's interest in hip-hop music?

    • High School Musical
    • Straight Outta Compton
    • 8 Mile
    • Kill Bill: Volume 1
  • Performing the song 'I'm Gone', Logic made his television debut on which show?

    • Ellen
    • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
    • Jimmy Kimmel Live!
    • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  • Logic's wife Jessica Andrea provides background vocals on which of his songs?

    • Black SpiderMan
    • Flexicution
    • 44 More
    • Everyday
  • In 2016, Logic co-headlined The Endless Summer Tour with which other American rapper?

    • Psy
    • Drake
    • Childish Gambino
    • G-Eazy
  • True or false: Logic has his own video game YouTube channel

    • True
    • False
  • Which Logic song received two Grammy nominations in 2018?

    • Everybody
    • 1-800-273-8255
    • Under Pressure
    • Fade Away
  • The music video for 1-800-273-8255 stars which "Modern Family" actor?

    • Nolan Gould
    • Ed O'Neill
    • Ty Burrell
    • Sofia Vergara
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