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Denzel Curry


Denzel Curry

ZUU, out via Loma Vista Recordings / Caroline Australia, arrives just 10 months after the release of his critically-acclaimed breakout album TA13OO in 2018.

On ZUU Denzel takes a more introspective look at his childhood in Miami, delivering powerful memories from his youth.

Produced by long time collaborators FNZ and mixed by Nathan Burgess, sonically ZUU is his hardest, most dynamic album to date, with features from fellow South Floridians: Rick Ross, Ice Billion Berg, Sam Sneak, and more.

1. Zuu
2. Ricky
3. Wish Feat. Kiddo Marv
4. Birdz Feat. Rick Ross
5. Automatic
6. Speedboat
7. Bushy B Interlude
8. Yoo
9. Carolmart Feat. Ice Billion Berg
10. Shake 88 Feat. Sam Sneak
11. Blackland 66.6
12. P.A.T. Feat. Playthatboizay