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#FAOTM - August X Johnny Orlando

#FAOTM - August X Johnny Orlando

Johnny Orlando x JohnnyOPH

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‘Fan Account of the Month’ (#FAOTM) is a fan-appreciation series on UMUSIC!

At UMUSIC, we acknowledge and value the efforts of fans from around the world. The passion, dedication and love fans have for their favourite artists is something the team at UMUSIC has admired for a long time. For this reason, UMUSIC has decided to feature a fan account every month. This will give our UMUSIC community the opportunity to learn about different fandoms, their hardworking members and more about the artists!

Fan account: A social media account created by a fan dedicated to a particular piece of pop culture. This series will focus on fan accounts dedicated to artists.

Update account: A fan-run social media source for fan accounts. An update account serves as the main source of updates on a specific artist. An update account will gather all media, promotional items, and information on an artist and share the information with other fans. Think of update accounts as a constantly updated Wikipedia for fans. This series will also focus on update accounts, which are simply larger fan accounts.

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August's fan account of the month features the Johnny Orlando fan account, @JohnnyOPH, that has been updating fans on all things Johnny since 2015! The page is run by 9 stans, based out of the Philippines: creator Klyde Raetrell, admins Bea Allen, Kaye Angela and Ela Keziah, as well as moderators Jeuel Mae, Bryant, Era, Stefanie and Aira.

Aside from the usual stuff like updates for the Filipino fans, since we are the Philippines’ fanbase account, we usually mix our local trends here in the Philippines with John to relate most of the things about our own current culture and way of life. Also, we act as the organizers for most of the fan projects to keep the PH fanbase alive – that’s why we also have a presence not only on Twitter but also on Facebook (page, groups, group chats) and Instagram. We also handle activities like voting for different radio stations, conducting streaming parties, and some giveaways too in coordination with UMUSICPH (UMG Philippines).

The team at UMUSIC interviewed the admins and mods about what makes them love Johnny, their favourite tracks, moments and more! Below is a collection of their answers...

1. Why are you a fan of Johnny Orlando?

Klyde - Because I feel his presence as a fan. Even if we are too many fans around the world, his efforts to connect with us (via Discord, Twitter Spaces, meet and greets, and tours), I never felt that he is just doing all these things for a living. He really loves his fans!

Bea - I am aware that music is a given, but one of the reasons I am a fan of Johnny Orlando is because of his personality. I adore the way he treated everyone in his life and how much he cared for his family and fans. He is a decent man

Kaye - I am a fan of John because he is one of the kindest and sweetest people I know plus he’s very talented. I love how he’s showering us with his love and care and gives all his efforts into creating music. 

Ela - I am a fan of Johnny Orlando because through his platform and his music, he gave me something special to want to come back with. He made me feel like I am in an oasis! Oasis where one may uncover a calm and pleasant place that offers safety and sustenance, hence I felt relieved and great as I have found him, we all did! I like how he is really passionate about what he is doing towards his career, and actually willing to dive deeper whenever despite the possible risks ahead. His voice is so soothing and soulful, I could honestly listen to John's songs ALL DAY LONG. 

Jeuel - I am a big fan of Johnny Orlando  because he is talented, family oriented, and he inspired me to keep doing what I love, which is writing songs and playing instruments.

Bryant - Because for me he was very adjoining to other rising stars in Canada and across the world he inspired his cult for being amazing to other younger generations, also he was a generous and charitable man whom he makes the fans so charming

Era - The reason why I became a fan of John is because of his good voice and a very different voice like no other and he is also a cute guy... Aside from that is because of a Johnny Orlando as ‘good brother and son’ - you will see how his parents raised him as a good son or brother to his siblings. I saw how supportive his parents are in what he wants to do.

Stefanie - I am one of the loyal fans of Johnny because I see many things about him that I really love that he really caught my attention and support him.

Aira - Because he is a good singer, actor, and songwriter, that's why he got my attention.


2. What makes Johnny so unique?

Klyde - He conveys his real self in a nice way. As a fan who tried to join other fandoms, I never felt they conveyed or showed their personality in a way that is interesting and beneficial to everyone. But for John, aside from using music as the medium to show his real self, I’m also learning a lot of influences from him and his family which is way more helpful for me. I also like his uniqueness in branding, as I know that he was always compared back then to other YouTuber singers. 

Bea - He is unique in his own way, because he always tries his hardest to make his fans happy, whether it be by liking their posts or following them back (that the other fans want to experience that). Additionally, because he has so many fans, he has been able to form communities on Twitter and Discord where he can interact with them.

Kaye - His personality. He is very sweet when it comes to his fans. Knowing that he has a lot of fans from all over the world, he tries his best to interact with each and every one of us and make us feel loved. 

Ela - His diversification and realness! After being aware of him, it was like our worlds collided creating a literal perfection not just for me, but for everyone else as well! I just know that he would bring so much unique energy and dynamics every time he makes music in which we could all vibe into any day! And of course, he is one of the singers that is a big wall of sounds! John, himself, has an immense vocals and talent that I truly adore, so I definitely could not wait for his future release. Mahal kita, John!

Jeuel - His smile and voice are unique, and he is recognized by his own personality.

Bryant - For his killer smile, the body language, and his own rustic signature voice.

Era - His whole personality is unique. Everything I've seen from him I've never seen before because for me he's really different from all the artists I've met. His voice is so distinctive in a sense that I would really know that it is his voice even without knowing any details - and it makes me feel good. His style and when he sings and his handsomeness and above all he is different from other young artists he is different and good. 

Stefanie - What made Johnny unique for me is his own branding. I’m aware that he was always being compared to other artists back then - and criticized from his singing performances. But look at him now — okay I don’t want to elaborate that anymore, haha! You know what I mean, JO’s!

Aira - Maybe his ‘good and loving person to the fans’ attitude, which is greatly appreciated by many of his fans today!

3. What about him resonates with you?

Klyde - Not giving up on life. I have seen John from his past era where bashing was much present during that time. And I know that to myself – he has a lot to improve during those times. But I know to myself since then that this then-kid will stand out in the future. And I’m correct! It’s happening right now!

Bea - He gives me the courage to resist giving up easily, which is why I admire him. He struggled with other things as well, but he didn't show it to us and he solved them before we discovered them because he wanted to emphasize that there is always a solution; you just need to find it.

Kaye - Being caring to others. John does his best to help his fans to feel better through his music and words. I love how he cares for us and treats us like a family.  

Ela - The thing about him that resonates to me is his realness, passion, and the connection he makes towards people which I already sensed from the beginning I started supporting him. To conclude, I am just very grateful John got the chance to fully share his talents and personality as we all have gained strength and smile just by listening and seeing him either personally or virtually. I believe, as my username (on Twitter, @giftedjohnny) states, Johnny is undoubtedly gifted!

Jeuel - Being concerned about others and not giving up. I admire him for it; it gives me courage to fight and more.

Bryant - About his appeal by anything heike for breakdown dancing, style of appeal, an extravaganza of aesthetic topics relating to him.

Era - The one thing about him that resonates with me is his personality because he's funny, he's a good and cheerful boy and he doesn't just give up or get tired of what he does. And he always motivates himself so that he can reach or do what he wants. That's one thing that resonates with me, that I learned also from him too – that positivity from any circumstances in life and to never dwell on the darker side of things.

Stefanie - His smile.  Period! Haha!

4. When and how did you first discover Johnny?

Klyde - I know this story is a very popular one (like when I talk to most of the fans around, we share the same story, haha!) Everything happened because of coincidence. Around March of 2015 – while watching MattyBRaps videos, Johnny Orlando (JohnnyOSings then) always appeared on the “recommendations” area of YouTube. So I tried to watch that “Sugar” cover video – and the rest was history. “There’s something different with this singer that others don’t have”, I told myself. 

Bea - I vividly remember that day, when I was scrolling on YouTube, and I stumbled upon a clip of him acting in a movie. That person is known as Johnny Orlando, as I discovered when I looked him up at the time. I then made the decision to check for more of his songs, and as I was listening, I learned that he has a terrific voice and deserves encouragement. After finding out about the imminent release of his new EP, It's Never Really Over, I attended the UMusicPH listening party and was one of the lucky fans who was chosen to participate in the program. At that point, I had officially become a fan of him.

Kaye - When I was in 6th grade, my classmate introduced me to him. Back then when was still a thing, I always saw John on my musically featured (the TikTok FYP now) and from there, I discovered that he sings. And that’s where I started watching all his cover videos and listening to his songs on YouTube.

Ela - I first saw John on YouTube! I remember, I was a fan of MattyBRaps before I supported him. My cousins and family would even tease me in the past because I told them about him. It is such a great moment to reminisce with until now that this is how I began my journey as a Johnny Orlando supporter since some of the fans I met (which I am good friends with now) also acquire the similar experience with me! After knowing John, I became invested in him, thus it was honestly fascinating. Going back, the story started when I was a teenager who was curious about music stuff (still am). 

Jeuel - I remember going to the computer shop (comshops are very popular in the Philippines where one can rent for hours to use a computer) that day and watching YouTube when I saw his cover of Justine Bieber, and I've always watched his channel and tried to stalk and research him since then.

Bryant - I usually watched some SevenSuperGirls videos, particularly house tour videos, which I wanted to build my own movement of which I grew up in my present times as I am, I accidentally saw him on his first part of House Tour as I know he took my chances as a kid when I was 12 and he was 11, and I continued to influx to watch until I've struck to his life ever since. 

Era - I discovered John on YouTube while watching MattyB's covers. Then I saw John's video and I clicked. After that, I immediately liked him because of his cute voice - like I was charmed by. From there, I became an avid listener and was always waiting for his new cover songs to be released.

Stefanie - I discovered John first on YouTube, attracted by his beautiful angelic faces and his cover of Stitches by Shawn Mendes!

Aira - I discovered Johnny on Facebook, and my cousin told me that Johnny is an actor and Kenzie's boyfriend (which I believed too much before, haha what the!)

5. What was the first song you heard?

Klyde - As I mentioned earlier, the first song I heard from him was a cover – Sugar of Maroon 5. But the first original song I heard from him was “Never Give Up”. Up until now, that song is so special to me and close to my heart. 

Bea - As I said previously, the first song I heard was "Everything", which he performed in a movie.

Kaye - As far as I can remember it was “Let Go” which he released 6 years ago. 

Ela - Back then, I was listening to a certain MattyBRaps’ song on the mentioned platform, and the first song that I probably heard from him is his cover of “Where Are Ü Now” by Justin Bieber. After hearing him sing, I instantly liked him, and continued to listen to his other covers and songs!

Jeuel - “What Do You Mean” by Justine Bieber, in which he covered.

Bryant - The first song I heard was Found My Girl that probably he wrote for his first crush and he gained to be freely associated with life, love, and the things he does.

Era - The first song I heard was when he covered the song "Just Give Me A Reason" of Pink; and for the original ones, a song from his first EP “VXIXXI”, which is “You and I”.

Aira - The world famous What If (I Told You I Like You)!

6. Are there any lyrics of his that have had an impact on you?

Klyde - A lot, of course! But lately, I finally found one when the #ATTTCGW album was released that really entails who am I: “If you’re falling apart, you can’t see through the dark… I will leave the light on if you wanna come home…”

That exactly entails my personality: I always open my door no matter how ugly happened in the past or recent: I am a soft-hearted person who will accept a person when they need me again. 

Bea - Yes I found a song that suits me very well and it's from his new album #atttcgw the title of the song is leave the light on and the lyrics are " it's 3 am and you can't find your friends I will leave the light on" I'm really open to all the people who need me, who need my support if you need a friend you can call me and if you're in the dark don't you worry I will leave the light on for you.

Kaye - There are a lot of lyrics of his, but the one that struck me the most was from his song ‘Phobias’: “I’ve been hurt before and that’s why I close the door. Scared of the dark, and broken hearts.” 

When I first heard this song, I immediately felt something click with that lyric as this song is about having the fear to open up in a relationship. Although my situation at the time I heard ‘Phobias’ was not in a relationship, it was in a friendship. I tried sharing my problems with my past friends and it didn't go well, so from then I assumed that it was better to just hide everything from myself.

Ela - To be honest, I literally have A LOT of answers for this, however I do not want it to be longer than it should be because I might take all the space (just kidding), so I am only giving 2 lyrics hahaha! The first song that I am going to provide is the track “all the things that could go wrong”. Regardless of the lyrics from this track, "I try to believe this is where I belong, but I'm thinking 'bout all the things that could go wrong”, echoing on our minds literally EVERYDAY, we must instead maintain distance to all the negativity existing out there, and pay attention to being happy as we only live once! I do think #ATTTCGW song connects with me in a way that I, myself as an individual, also experience a huge amount of different uncertainties in my life that I find difficult to deal with. From what I perceived, this track implied about a person having doubts with how happenings can end up in the future and how they will result not just for himself, but as well as to other people, even though it feels like things are falling into their rightful places, thus I relate to that. To be honest, there are times that I feel like I am going nowhere, and ask myself if what I am doing actually has a point since I tend to overthink a lot despite the smallest circumstance which I may encounter as it brings an uneasy reaction to me. And, due to this, I cannot fully stay focused on my decision-making and myself more. HOWEVER, throughout the times, I have learned to let myself be guarded that our feelings are very expert at tricking us. The other lyrics which I have on mind is from Flaws, “I know I’ll never be perfect, so I’m not even gonna try. You see me smile on the surface, but you only notice the highs”. If not everyone, then probably most of us happen to experience this kind of feeling. It hurts, I know. We tend to do our very best, yet end up feeling like we are not good enough for the others, and whenever we try, it is still not sufficient. This is one of the worst to overcome, but your flaws do not make you any less of a person. Despite our insecurities, we must keep in mind that everyone of us has a flaw. It is just a matter of strategy in how you are going to use it as your strength.

Jeuel - All of his songs are lovely and heartfelt, but the line "You were the first, that's why it hurts, my heart, it burns, but I'll be fine, some part of me has to believe, eventually, you’ll change your mind.”  from the song "leave the light on really hits me up until now!
Era - A line from "Bad News", which says,  "Some words hurt worse than weapons". Awwww, it really is, John!

7. What music video stands out the most to you and why?

Klyde - someone will love you better ftw! Omg, I remember myself during that night while I’m doing my activity, I didn’t notice that I was crying already – with little embarrassment since I need to repeat that activity with a lot of teardrops! So far, that was the music video that really made me in tears even though I already watched it multiple times.

Bea - I know I've never been in love, but SOMEONE WILL LOVE YOU BETTER makes me cry because of the song's lyrics and the music video. I wept a lot watching that, and every time I do, my chest still hurts. Also, the video quality is excellent.’

Kaye - Every music video that Iris Kim directed, but if I were to be specific I’d say someone will love you better too, It just screams perfection! The cinematography, the song itself, and everything were so beautifully directed, plus John’s acting skills which made the music video more amazing! 

Ela - Probably the music video of Waste My Time! I honestly liked its effects and just the entire flow of what transpired there. While playing with the concept of the time itself, it was a surreal music video for me as John was able to explore simultaneous things that were around him. The music video was amazing, and I was most impressed that I always feel his passion towards music every time he does something.

Jeuel - All of his music videos are fantastic, but Adelaide stands out to me the most because of how beautiful the camera movement is in that song.

Bryant - Probably his videos associated with Teenage Fever, INRO, and his first album of course!

Era - The music video that stands out the most For me it's Adelaide because of how beautiful the shot of the camera moving around with John and the view around the place where they shot the music video, And because of what John is wearing, it looks good on him. Adelaide's music video is cool to watch, so Adelaide's music video stands out more to me.
Stefanie - the music video that stands out the most to me is Everything directed by Ms. Iris Kim because for me, I really see that she is an amazing director than anybody else.

8. How would you describe the ATTTCGW era? What do you think is next?

Klyde - I will put it to one single but meaningful sentence: It’s the “start” of the continuous peak for Johnny’s life and to us, his fans. More developing stories are coming up for the next few years!

Bea - I would compare it to a butterfly because when you listen to it, you'll feel like a butterfly and you'll want to soar.

Kaye - I’d say this era is like a ‘sunrise’. Knowing that it is commonly used for new beginnings, I just feel like this album gives a fresh start for John in opening more doors of opportunities in his life. And for now, I don’t have any ideas about what will be the next era, but since John is full of surprises, I know for a fact that I will also love the next.

Ela - ATTTCGW era is a bop for sure! I feel like this album has really made John found his sound, and I am thankful for that. I want John in the future to expand his horizons more, and create a deeper connection towards his supporters for his yet to release songs and albums! And hopefully, a world tour next!

Jeuel - I described in ATTTCGW is another song that is really happening in real life; there are songs with lyrics that you can relate to, and for the Filipino fans, it is their medicine, motivating and healing them.

Bryant - He is definitely too hyped out by his career as he used to be, but for me, he will stay in his profession as used to it.

Era - The one I described in ATTTCGW is the other song that is really happening in real life there are songs that you can relate to the lyrics and are very good all of John's songs The others are like Billie Eilish's songs so I would like John to do more, especially the beats in his songs are cool to listen to. And I can't say what's next.
Stefanie - I describe atttcgw era in a mental hospital because the album helped me to therapy my chaotic world that I really hard to face and I think the next was still the best.

9. Who would you like to see Johnny collaborate with in the future?

Klyde - As a Filipino fan, I would love to see him collaborating with some of the talented Filipino fans like Zack Tabudlo (as to what I know he would want to collab with!) and Darren Espanto (a Filipino-Canadian pride). Aside from wanting them to collaborate, that would be a great chance to introduce the Filipino pride of music to the world through collaboration. 

Bea - We love to see him collaborate with some Filipino artists like Darren Espanto and of course Zack Tabudlo 

Kaye - I want to see him with some Filipino singers, like Zack Tabudlo, Darren Espanto, Adie Garcia, and Arthur Nery. 

Ela - Harry Styles 100%! I would truly love to see both of them singing together. I think they could create such great harmony and singing styles when they do collaborate because John and Harry, they sing wonderfully, as always. Also, they both have nice characters too, so they would get along just fine!

Jeuel - Filipino singers like Zack Tabudlo and Arthur Nery.

Bryant - For me, he will collab with some Filipino singers just as Zack Tabudlo 🇵🇭💪🏻

Era - I want to be his collab with Ali Gatie because Ali Gatie is a good songwriter and all the songs are very good and Ali Gatie is also my idol - I like all his songs. Maybe the song they'll write about love when they do a collab will be beautiful. All of Ali's songs are about love and being broken in love life and falling in love. And if John and Ali really do a collab, I will be really happy when that happens.

Stefanie - I would love to see Johnny collaborating with Tate McRae and Shawn Mendes

Aira - Justin Bieber, for the win!

10. What have or would you say if you got to meet him in person?

Klyde - Actually I was given a chance already when he did visit Manila, BUT to speak on behalf of the Filipino community and not from my personal thoughts and feelings. But if I was given a chance to talk to him, I would rather say “thank you for making me who I am today!”. “You are one of the reasons why I excelled in different things since my high school days. Aside from listening to your songs which kept me motivated, allowing me to be a fanbase admin here in the Philippines taught me a lot of leadership skills that I applied to other things like at school, at home, or even at our church. These are the things that probably you have no idea about but John, you contributed to those areas of my life.”

Bea - I already had the opportunity to meet him when he visited Manila, but due to personal reasons, I was unable to do so. If I get the chance to meet him again, however, I'm not sure if I'll be able to say anything other than, "Thank you for coming back, thank you for the love and the music you give to us, and we love you so much." When I'm in front of him, that's the only thing I can say. He will amaze me, and I could even ask him if he's real. Haha, because you know that you won't be able to speak in front of your idol since you'll find yourself staring at him

Kaye - I was supposed to meet John when he was here in Manila but sadly something came up so I didn’t get the chance to meet him. But if he ever came back here, I’ll probably thank him first for being part of my life. He plays a big part in my life as he is one of the people who inspire me. I want to thank him for his music as it was a big help for me to be motivated and keep me happy all the time. I am also thankful for the friends I made in this community because John and his music became a way for me to meet the people that I will treasure the most. 

Ela - I actually already had the chance to meet him in person! It was a magical night, August 10th 2022, Johnny Orlando Harana in Manila: A Night of Lights and Serenade! Sadly, I was not able to talk with him face-to-face, but what I want to say to him is how excellent he is! I would say that when he performed for us, I was completely shocked because when he was singing RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, it was like I am in a recording studio! Not going to lie about it, I also told my friends this exact thing! It is indeed such a blessing to hear John sing especially on live performances, and to know him, not personally, even so it is fully remarkable how he could pull off and create those entire lyrics + notes while making it look effortlessly! I want to thank him for being one of the main reasons why we put smiles on our faces! He has been a huge part of our lives already, and we are willing to make it bigger as the days come!

Jeuel - I want to tell him that he is very talented, and I am very proud of him. His Filipino fans adored him so much.

Bryant - Definitely my milestone on meeting Johnny Orlando in the Philippines last August 7 and 10, he hugged me and borrowed my coat and he usually likes my pics on Instagram about once and Twitter about 8-9 times!! And answered my comment on YouKnow last April 30, 2016, my 14th bday about his initial trip to Indonesia and Philippines.

Era - I just want to thank you because I grew up with you as a fan and I will never get tired of supporting him in everything that will come in his life. Very proud of you because since childhood ~ slowly his other dreams have been achieved. I am happy to see you now with what you achieved so far. You made it, and u r making it <3 U don't have a bad song dude, literally you are so talented. You’re my favorite singer and always know how to hit my heart^^ I freaking love you babe and your music !!! I love you! I love your music! I wish I could go to one of your tours :> You’ve come so far I’m sobbing 🥺

Stefanie - If God will give me an opportunity to meet John, I wanna tell him that “We FilipiJO’s, are always here for u, john till death does as part! 
Aira - Not really a showy one but I would rather show my message through a “tight and warm hug”, plus I want to give him more Pinoy food. I wanna date him (if that’s possible in the eyes of reality haha!).

11. Finally, are there any other Johnny Orlando fan accounts you recommend?

Of course, we would love to recommend other countries' fanbase accounts around Southeast Asia like Johnny Orlando: Taiwan (@johnnyorlando._.taiwan04), Malaysia (@thejohnnymy), and Indonesia ( on Instagram. Another one is a new update account that every fan could depend on, it’s @JOrlandoNews_ on Twitter where you might get an update from John as well!

And again, thank you so much for featuring our team! We would also like to give a SHOUTOUT to the very supportive UMUSIC Philippines team who always help us for our regular activities, to their very supportive Fan Groups Executive Christine Joanne, to International Marketing Executive, Sir John, and to International Marketing Manager, Ms. Iris!

From all of us at UMUSIC Canada, we would like to thank Klyde Raetrell, Bea Allen, Kaye Angela, Ela Keziah, Jeuel Mae, Bryant, Era, Stefanie and Aira of @johnnyoph. We applaud you and all Johnny Orlando stans for your time, effort and dedication to supporting his work!



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