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The Good Riddance Acoustic Shows (Live) - Standard Magenta Vinyl

Gracie Abrams

The Good Riddance Acoustic Shows (Live) Vinyl contains a series of songs performed live by Gracie Abrams and close collaborator Aaron Dessner during their limited run of shows last September. The songs were recorded live at The McKittrick Hotel in New York, Riverside Revival in Nashville, and The Masonic Lodge in Los Angeles.


Side A:

  1. Best (live)
  2. Block me out (live)
  3. Camden (live)
  4. This is what the drugs are for (live)
  5. Fault line (live) 


Side B:

  1. Rockland (live) 
  2. Amelie (live) 
  3. I should hate you (live) 
  4. Right now (live)


Limited to 4 per Customer