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“Since I Have A Lover” (Standard Translucent Pink Vinyl)


Since I Have A Lover is 6LACK’s third studio album. Each of 6lack’s albums have served as a sonic version of a life update on where he is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with the people that are closest to him. This album will act as the trilogy and a personal collection of feelings 6lack has grown through since his last album East Atlanta Love Letter.

Track List:

  1. cold feet
  2. Inwood Hill Park
  3. Since I Have A Lover
  4. playin house
  5. Fatal Attraction
  6. Spirited Away
  7. chasing feeling
  8. preach
  9. Tit for Tat
  10. Talkback
  11. wunna dem (with QUIN)
  12. B4L
  13. Decatur
  14. Talk
  15. Temporary (with Don Toliver)
  16. Rent Free
  17. Stories in Motion
  18. Testify
  19. NRH