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Nellyville Deluxe Edition 2LP


Nellyville¬†the 7x platinum follow up to Nelly‚ debut album¬†Country Grammar. This 2LP standard configuration represents the first time in twenty years the album is on vinyl. Groundbreaking hits include, "Hot In Herre," "Pimp Juice," "Dilemma," and "Air Force Ones."¬†


  1. Nellyville
  2. Gettin' It Started
  3. Hot In Herre
  4. Dem Boyz
  5. Oh Nelly
  6. Pimp Juice
  7. Air Force Ones
  8. In The Store
  9. On The Grind
  10. Dilemma
  11. Splurge
  12. Work It
  13. Roc The Mic (Remix)
  14. The Gank
  15. 5000
  16. #1
  17. CG2
  18. Say Now
  19. Fuck It Then