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Title: Disco Loadout Vol. 1
Format: CD 
Release Date: May 17, 2024

01)  Dancing On My Own 
02)  I Want You Back 
03)  You Make My Dreams 
04)  As It Was 
05)  Sledgehammer 
06)  Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 
07)  9 to 5 
08)  I Wanna Dance With Somebody 
09)  Dancing in the Dark 
10)  The Power Of Love 
11)  Dancing Queen 


A disco loadout is a term in our industry that describes a very humbling act. Many bands have experienced this, and we certainly have. Sometimes when you’re on tour you might pull up to a venue to find there is a later show happening the same night. The promoter, looking at his spreadsheet, has decided that it makes financial sense to book two separate shows on the same night. Your band is playing the early show, and when you are finished, you must load your gear down the stairs and out the door while a lineup of people waits to get into the venue for the next show. The later show is usually a cover band, performing songs that everyone knows and likes. 

We have been humbled by this in the past and instead of living with the embarrassment, we have performed and recorded those songs for you. We’re taking the term back. 

Disco Loadout Vol 1. Songs Arkells like to play when we need to party like it’s a late show.