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KATSEYE - "SIS (Soft Is Strong)" - Official Store Exclusive Vinyl


KATSEYE will release its debut EP, SIS (Soft Is Strong), on August 16 via HYBE x Geffen Records. SIS (Soft Is Strong), the EP’s title, reflects one of KATSEYE’s core beliefs – Soft Is Strong – and also nods to the sisterhood they’ve forged, despite coming from immensely different cultures. The six members of KATSEYE are: DANIELA (USA); LARA (USA); MANON (Switzerland); MEGAN (USA); SOPHIA (Philippines); and YOONCHAE (South Korea).

Contents of the package include Exclusive Colored Vinyl, Gatefold Jacket, Sleeve, and 6 Double-Sided Photocards.

Available for CA Customers Only.

Limited to 4 per customer.