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The Tragically Hip

Live Between Us 2LP

The Tragically Hip

Three newly reissued iconic Tragically Hip albums, Day For Night, Live Between Us, and Trouble At The Henhouse will be pressed on 180 gram vinyl and released on 21 April 2017.

All have been have been re-mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway mastering.


  1. Grace, Too
  2. Fully Completely
  3. Springtime In Vienna
  4. Twist My Arm
  5. Gift Shop
  6. Ahead By A Century
  7. The Luxury
  8. Courage
  9. New Orleans Is Sinking
  10. Don't Wake Daddy
  11. Scared
  12. Blow At HIgh Dough
  13. Nautical Disaster
  14. The Werewithall