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Music From Bambi - 80th Anniversary: Light Green Colour Vinyl


Enjoy music from Bambi‚on light green coloured vinyl, released to celebrate the film's 80th anniversary. Featuring classic songs including, "Little April Shower" and "Love Is a Song"


  1. Main Title (Love Is a Song)
  2. Sleepy Morning In The Woods / The Young Prince / Learning to Walk
  3. Little April Shower
  4. Gallop Of The Stags / The Great Prince of the Forest / Man
  5. Autumn / The First Snow / Fun on the Ice
  6. The End Of Winter / New Spring Grass / Tragedy in the Meadow
  7. Wintery Winds
  8. Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song
  9. It Could Even Happen to Flower
  10. Bambi Gets Twitterpated / Stag Fight
  11. Looking for Romance (I Bring You a Song)
  12. Fire / Reunion / Finale